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Labour Lawyers in Bangladesh  

The Labour laws of Bangladesh have just stepped into maturity so do the work of the Labour Lawyers in Bangladesh. A country with very liberal compliance in terms of labour and their rights just a decade earlier, Bangladesh have stepped into the era of human resource, minimum wage and compliance departments. This has happened due to the strengthening and enforcement of the labour laws.

With a more educationally enlightened population while increasing the work of labour lawyers in Bangladesh, the nation is much more informed about its rights and practice the intention to rely on the legal sector to enhance their lifestyle. Labour lawyers in Bangladesh and the applicable laws, being one of the prominent and most applicable fields of practice because of its relation to the daily life is being propelled to new heights with the recent amendments made to labour law. It is now more practical and much closer to addressing the real time situations between Employers and Labours.

Work of a Labour Lawyers in Bangladesh

Once you have decided who is a labour, the work of the Labour Lawyers in Bangladesh is to ascertain the major issues of compliance. What does being a labour entail? Is the minimum wage condition being complied to? How long is the probation period? Who is temporary and who is permanent? What kind of benefits, for example, gratuity, statutory compensation, provident fund or festival bonus etc are they receiving? How long is the notice period from both sides if the labour wants to resign or the employer wants to lay off.

Labour Lawyers in Bangladesh and Labour Act 2006

The work of labour lawyers in Bangladesh are comprehensively covered by the The Bangladesh Labour Act 2006. It includes important guidelines for conditions for employment and services, adolescent workers, guidelines for female workers, safety, health and hygiene, settlement of disputes etc. While it deals with most of the matters well, just like all other laws it has to evolve with time and make adjustments with the ever-evolving nature of labour. To make things more vivid, the Labour Rules arrived in 2015 providing further guidance on the Labour Act 2006. All these updates have to be taken into consideration while dealing with both employers and labour. Cases on labour law are becoming more and more common everyday and it requires more specialization than ever.

FMA Labour Lawyers in Bangladesh

With all these laws and guidelines available, there still remains a few areas which remain beyond comprehension, which is where the requirement of a specialized firm on labour law is necessary. FM Associates and its labour lawyers in Bangladesh, with its diverse and functionally superior team, deals with labour laws most diligently and with extreme efficiency. FMA has experience in dealing with both the employers and the employee. An award winning firm in labour laws of Bangladesh, we have records of dealing with big name companies such as ACIGAVL, MGB Bangladesh etc. specifically with their employments and labour law situations. FMA welcomes you for any assistance that you may require for labour law.

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