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EPZ Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Export Processing Zone(EPZ) Labour Law in Bangladesh

In order to ensure a quick economic growth, the Bangladesh government has adopted an ''Open Door Policy'' to attract foreign investment. Bangladesh wants to improve its economy through industrialisation by regulating the same via a separate Export Processing Zone (hereinafter referred to as the “EPZ”) provisions.

Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) is the official organ of the government which facilitates as well as promotes and attracts the investments in the Export Processing Zones (EPZs). Following an Act of Parliament in 1980, Bangladesh established its first EPZ in Chittagong in 1983. The second EPZ was established at Savar near Dhaka in 1993. Now the established EPZs in Bangladesh are:

1) Adamjee EPZ,

2) Chittagong EPZ,

3) Comilla EPZ,

4) Dhaka EPZ,

5) Ishwardi EPZ,

6) Karnaphuli EPZ,

7) Mongla EPZ and

8) Uttara EPZ.

The EPZs were established with a view to provide special areas for the potential investors to find a favourable climate for investment which is free from excess procedures.

Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 regulates the workers in different Organisations in Bangladesh. For EPZ's there is a different law. The Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) issued directives on service matters concerning workers and officers employed in companies operating within the EPZ of Bangladesh in exercise of the powers conferred by the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act 1980. These are the laws that regulates the workers in EPZs. The directives issued by BEPZA applies to workers, officers and apprentices of the companies inside the EPZs. Unless there is a contract which is specifically entered into between the company and said employees, the terms and conditions of service which have been determined by the directives shall apply. Companies operating in the zones may have their own rules regulating the terms and conditions of employment. In such event no rules or terms and conditions of employment of an individual company shall be less favourable than those contained in the directions given by BEPZA. These directives includes the classification of employees, rules for service records, rules for leaves and holidays, rules on termination/ resignation of employment, rules on welfare, rules on social security and rules on payment of wages. There are different kind of industries inside the EPZs. These industries include garments industries, electronics industries, terry towel industries and textile industries. The government of Bangladesh is in a continuous process to increase the number of the EPZs.

EPZ Laws and Lawyers of FM Associates in Bangladesh

There are different law chambers which specialise in Export Processing Zone employment and labour law. Among them FM Associates is one of the leading law chambers in Bangladesh  Among its many practicing fields it has brilliant expertise in export processing zone employment and labour law. FMA is always careful to improve clients satisfaction by providing them the best legal services possible. Once FM Associates gets engaged with the client's instruction, it insures the client does not need to worry about anything. FM Associates has highly expert Attorneys/ Solicitors/ Advocates/ Barristers/ Lawyers in their respected fields of expertise including export processing zone employment and labour law. FM Associates always ensures transparency regarding the services it provides to its clients.


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