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RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Ready Made Garments Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the emerging economies of the world. Ready Made Garments, hereinafter referred to as the “RMG” sector is the biggest export earner of Bangladesh. The RMG labour laws in Bangladesh are regulated by the general Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 couple with the Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015.

The clothing industry in Bangladesh produces from knitwear to leisure wear and high street fashions. The quality of products is so high that world's leading brands and retailers collects products which are designed and produced by Bangladesh ready made garment factories. The RMG sector is a rapidly growing sector of the Bangladeshi economy. BGMEA is the private organisation of the RMG sector. It plays a huge part in the economic development of this country. The ready made garment sector's unique competitive edge provides support to a profitable expansion into new strategic markets for Bangladesh.

With the rapid expansion of the ready made garment sector, Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 was enacted in order to amend and consolidate the laws relating to employment of workers. This law also covers workers and employer’s relationship, injury compensation, determining minimum rates of wages, payment of wages, trade union formation, health, safety, industrial dispute settlement, conditions of working etc. From time to time several amendments were made to make the law more efficient and up to date.

Importance of administering RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

The RMG labour laws of Bangladesh require the management of an organisation to comply with the detailed requirement mentioned in the Act and Rule with a help of a RMG Labour lawyer in Bangladesh. Compliance with the RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh is required for maintaining suitable working conditions at the work places for the workers. It also ensures the degree of compliance for inspection by the government authorities from time to time. There is a recent report from Human Rights Watch which stipulates that, fire and safety factory inspections continued in the garment industry following the agreement between big brands and Bangladesh government arising out of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster. The disaster caused the death of thousands of workers. This alarmed the relevant parties on the unsafe conditions of the working places and inadequacy of required arrangements for saving the workers life’s. So the big brands and the Bangladesh government made arrangements to improve the condition. Even after all these arrangements, in September 2016 there was a fire out-burst in a packaging factory in which at least 31 workers were killed and another 50 others injured. This incident highlighted the need for further efforts to ensure workers rights and safety.

RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh and FM Associates

There are many full serviced law firms in Bangladesh. Among them FM Associates is a renowned full serviced law firm. It has experienced Attorneys/ Solicitors/ Advocates/ Barristers/ Lawyers in their respected fields of expertise as well as very high expertise in RMG Labour laws in Bangladesh. It has an excellent track record regarding works in labour laws. FM Associates experience comprises working with clients both inside and outside Bangladesh. FM Associate is already working with many high profiled clients in the ready made garment sector who are satisfied with the firm’s high quality legal services. Having very high expertise in Bangladesh ready made garment sector's labour laws provided the firm the opportunity to be prepared with practical and legal knowledge for any challenges that other entities may fail to acknowledge.


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