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Intellectual Property Legal Services in Bangladesh

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FM Associates, leading law firm in Bangladesh, is one of the leading Intellectual Property Law Firms in Bangladesh, providing a wide range of Intellectual property legal services in Bangladesh. Our services include registrations, renewals, rectification of Trade Mark, Patent, and Copyright. Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bangladesh needs a great deal of expertise to handle matter delicately. Furthermore, our experienced attorneys provide litigation services for any breach of Intellectual Property Law which includes issuing and/or reply legal notices for any infringement of the Intellectual Property rights, filing litigation, attending hearing etc. 

Our blend of global expertise, helps us to advise our clients, both in Bangladesh and abroad, on mapping out strategies for obtaining the suitable trade/service marks, patents, and copyright applications. We also assist our clients on the maintenance and protection of established trademarks, patents, and copyright.   The intellectual property legal services in Bangladesh in this firm maintains efficient systems for conducting intellectual property searches, identifying and prosecuting and defending opposition and cancellation proceedings against third-party registration applications, and monitoring client registrations for renewal and infringement issues.

Our Expertise- FMA - Law Firm in Bangladesh

  1. Advised on various aspect of trademark law to the world's largest American submarine sandwich chain, situated worldwide.
  2. Worked on various aspects for a foreign Chamber of Commerce regarding trademark registration and representing for litigation. 
  3. Regularly advising, a Japanese government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world for trademark registration and representing them on Court of Bangladesh.
  4. Representing an international public multinational corporation based in Japan, primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment on various aspects of trademark law.
  5. Regularly advising an airlines company which operates scheduled services to 280 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, making it the one of the largest carrier in the world by number of destinations.  
  6. Representing International budget airlines, which is a British airline carrier based at London Luton Airport to stop several infringement matters within Bangladesh.
  7. We acted on behalf of a reputed brand which purified bottled water consisting of both unflavoured and flavoured water for trademark filing and prosecution.
  8. Provided legal assistance to an US based multinational food, snack and beverage corporation with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products, and, a California-based company recognized as one of the largest ultraviolet equipment manufacturers in the world regarding filing and registration of trademark, trademark infringement cases, and cases accusing of trademark infringement.
  9. Representing an Agricultural Marketing Company LTD, based in Bangladesh, on a broad range of trademark matters which includes filing and registration of trademark, trademark infringement cases, and cases accusing such company of trademark infringement.
  10. Representing a private university in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which was established in 2002 under the Private University Act on intellectual property matters which includes registration of the university logo and trademark.
  11. Provided advice to a prominent group of companies, which have a wide range of CI products like pumps, tube wells, bearings, gas stoves etc and has achieved the prestige of being the largest cast iron foundry and light engineering workshop in Bangladesh for trademark right violation concerns.
  12. Acted on behalf of a company who are the manufacturing initiators of externally applicable vitrified pavement tiles in India for Design/Trademark filing and prosecution.
  13. Representing a renowned private pharmaceuticals company, who is one of the chief manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of antibiotic medicines, pharmaceuticals tablets, anticancer drugs, etc, in relation to an IP infringement suit and settlement of the disputes.
  14. Acted on behalf of a leading UK law firm which provides high quality legal advice tailored to both businesses and individuals and which has UK offices in the City of London and other parts of UK regarding trademark filing and prosecution.
  15. Acting on behalf of a company, who has proved to be one of the best options in structural component solutions for light and heavy vehicles within the automotive and commercial vehicle market for trademark filing and prosecution.
  16. Provided legal advice to a firm, who operates as a venture capital firm and who invests in consumer, retail, technology, internet, healthcare, energy, cleantech and renewable, and transportation sectors regarding trademark filing and prosecution.
  17. Regularly provide specialist IP advice and also advice regarding trademark filing and prosecution to a prominent mobile phone service provider in India.
  18.  Acted on behalf of a leading full-service intellectual property consultancy firm, which has 24 offices in Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden,      regarding trademark filing and prosecution.
  19. Provided legal assistance to a major U.S airline, which was founded in 1934 and eventually headquartered in Houston, Texas for trademark filing and prosecution.
  20. Provided advice to one of the most renowned fashion brands, situated in Italy in relation to various trademarks filing and prosecution in India.
  21. Worked for a renowned American Television broadcasting center in relation to telemarketing.
  22. Advised on various IP related agreements and contracts to the world's highest traffic cricket website.
  23. Provided legal assistance in relation to IP infringement suit and settlement of the disputes to a company, which became the first listed company in the microelectronics industry of China.

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