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Leading Law Firm in Bangladesh, FM Associates

Our admiralty and maritime legal services in Bangladesh has an experienced team in representing number of clients in maritime disputes involving arrest of ships, charter parties, collisions, cargo claims, pollution claims, maritime liens, ship finance etc. FMA’s diverse group of clients includes marine underwriters, vessel owner/operators, banks, government agencies, and individuals. We frequently call on the depth and breadth of our lawyers’ expertise in complimentary practice areas including litigation, disputes concerning contracts of affreightment, claims under marine insurance policies and judicial sales. The lawyers at FMA also have wide experience dealing with claims of casualties, collision, pilotage, towing and salvage under Bangladesh law and international conventions. In case of unavoidable litigation at the High Court Division of Bangladesh our associates will represent our clients with filling a suit or defending any claim regarding Actions in rem or Action in personam. 

The laws or the Laws of the Sea under the admiralty and maritime legal services in Bangladesh, such as Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1983, the Bangladesh Flag Vessels (Protection) Ordinance, 1982, the Admiralty Court Act 2000 etc. are designed to contribute to the expansion of shipping in Bangladesh. FM Associates, with the help of admiralty and maritime legal services in Bangladesh has established itself as one of the leading consultants on admiralty and maritime laws in Bangladesh. Our experienced Admiralty Lawyers in Bangladesh offer a range of services which include litigation and arbitration on admiralty and maritime matters, providing advice on registration of Bangladesh ships, sale and purchase of ships, transfer or mortgages of ships or shares, employment of seamen, safety, collisions, accidents at sea and liability, coasting trade, sailing vessels, penalties and procedures etc.

The Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1983 | Admiralty and Maritime Legal Services in Bangladesh | FM Associates

The Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1983 provides the main regulations defining the conditions of maritime transport business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Flag Vessels (Protection) Ordinance, 1982 was promulgated with a primary object to promote and encourage the growth of the local shipping industry. The Ordinance provides that at least 40 percent of the seaborne cargo shall be national flag vessels, which is in conformity with the UNCTAD code of conduct for liner. The Admiralty Court Act 2000 gives the High Court Division an original jurisdiction to entertain cases at first instance.  FMA is one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh to undertake both dry and wet shipping works.  Under Dry shipping work the firm undertakes disputes concerning contracts of affreightment, cargo claims, claims under marine insurance policies, arrest of ships and judicial sales. The firm also has wide experience in "wet" shipping work including casualties, collision, pilotage, towing and salvage under Bangladesh law and international conventions.

The firm handles a wide range of shipping matters for both domestic and international clients including owners, agents, P&I clubs, financiers, charterers and cargo interests together with their insurers. The firm has also represented freight forwarders, trade associations and other providers of maritime services. The firm has handled a variety of cargo disputes involving diverse items, such as bulk oil, grain and containerized goods. In addition the firm is specialized in enforcing maritime liens under local and international conventions and laws.

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