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Litigation Law Firm in Bangladesh, FM Associates

FM Associates Bangladesh has the team of Best Litigation Lawyers in Bangladesh who are providing various litigation services in Bangladesh such as instituting various civil and criminal cases in the courts of Bangladesh, filing civil and criminal appeal and revision, filing various writ petitions, instituting cases in the administrative tribunal etc. FM Associates is a well established international chamber, having the best litigation services in Bangladesh, who has a strong connection with the country’s most prominent and recognized senior lawyers. FM Associates has a vast experience on cases concerning litigation services in Bangladesh such as cheque dishonor, money laundering, criminal breach of trust, cheating, fraud, extortion, defamation, forgery and theft. We are in unique position to advise our international and local clients on commercial and corporate litigation.  

In our country, both civil and criminal litigation are adversarial or accusatorial in nature which means that the whole process is a contest between the parties. In the process of litigation services in Bangladesh, the court conducts the hearing within a complex set of rules, in order to decide whether the accused or defendant is proved to be guilty or not. All criminal proceedings are regulated under the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 and Criminal Rules and Orders unless otherwise excluded or specifically provided for. All civil proceedings in Bangladesh are regulated under the Code of Civil Procedure 1908 unless otherwise excluded. 

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