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With the growing population the need of a power and energy lawyer in Bangladesh is imminent as the demand for electricity has reached sky-high. Accordingly, the Government has taken measures which have more than doubled the power generation capacity from 4,942MW in 2009 to around 12,000MW currently. 70% of its population now have access to electricity. There is a huge investment potential in the investment sector as the Government is now introducing many attractive investment policies to indulge the foreign investors in this sector. More and more power plants, transmission and distribution lines are being set up. It is estimated that over $5.2bn has been injected into this sector to create around 70 power plants in the span of 7 years. Further investments are expected to be injected in the economy from investors of China, Japan, India etc. Power and energy lawyer in Bangladesh mainly work in correlation to the government bodies and the private organisations involved into the business.

The importance of uninterrupted power supply is significant in order to achieve holistic economic growth. In order to meet the growing demands, the Government has undertaken some short term goals along with long term plans. Short term plans include rental power and small independent power producers (IPP). Around 500MW of electricity is being imported from India. Such plans are adopted and designed by the power and energy lawyer in Bangladesh in due compliance with the relevant provisions.

Bangladesh seeks to provide electricity to every nook and corner of the country by 2021. It is expected that over 9,600MW electricity will be generated by the year 2018 under short, medium and long-term plans of the Government.

Power & Energy Lawyers in Bangladesh needs a special level of skill to be able to handle matters delicately, and it has become an invaluable service area in Bangladesh due to rapid liberalization and integration by the Government of Bangladesh. FM Associate’s clientele include most of the foreign entities in Bangladesh, local companies, and Bangladesh Governmental organizations. FM Associates has worked in different power projects for financing and procurement structure, acting for project sponsors, funders, financing and related documentation, contractors, power purchase agreements, implementation agreements and documentations.

In relation to developments, construction, operation and maintenance, transfer and termination, private participation construction contracts,  risk management, tax implications, and other industry participants. The firm also provides complete end to end corporate solutions to clients beginning from structuring advisory to reorganization, repatriation and winding up of different foreign entities in Bangladesh. It advises on both up-stream and down-stream aspects of the energy sectors and has worked on transmission and distribution projects, including corporatisation of local distribution and exploration companies and their regulation. Power and energy lawyer in Bangladesh of FM Associates advises both foreign and local companies considering entry into the Bangladesh energy market.

FMA consists of power and energy lawyers in Bangladesh who have worked closely with this sector. As there is an influx of investors pouring investments into this sector, more and more legal issues are arising. There are several environmental and labour standards that a company in this sector has to meet and FMA provides all the legal assistance to make them aware of such requirements. We are constantly updating our law journals, newsletters, presentations, law reports and sharing them with our clients in this sector in order to make sure they are always in compliance with the necessary laws and regulations of the land.