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Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

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How FM Associates is the leading Employment law firm in Bangladesh

Our employment law team is experienced in understanding the realities faced by our clients to give practical and sensible advice, which makes us a leading employment and labour law firm in Bangladesh. We act for a broad range of employers in various sectors in Bangladesh and other countries. We specialize in complex employment and partnership issues with high stakes, elaborating on the legal implications of employment laws in a clear and concise manner. Having gathered our expertise from many years of experience and employment law experts in the firm, we deliver on our clients’ personal or commercial objectives without fail. 

Our motivation is our clients’ best interest; we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We provide guidance, assurance and sound legal knowledge for the furtherance of your business. Our thorough approach enables us to get to the root of complex issues in an efficient manner, developing the trust clients’ put in us; we maintain an open channel of communication with our clients to take necessary actions as and when required. 

Our Experiences as a Leading Employment Law Firm in Bangladesh

We always remain focused on obtaining the best possible outcome for you or your business. In the sphere of employment law, we have gained worldwide recognition as an international labour law firm and also due to our high client satisfaction rate. Our employment team acts for a wide range of employer clients which include established companies and professional services firms, start-ups, industrial and shipment companies. We represent senior executives and board directors, members and partners of the company and also high profile figures. 

We have experience in dealing with employee benefits, employee defection and trade secrets, investigating discrimination and harassment at the workplace, negotiating agreements between employers and employees, etc. When dealing with court matters, we secure the most positive outcome for our client in a cost-effective manner. Our clients include notable manufacturing and inspection companies, reputed logistics and shipping company, international pharmaceutical companies and many more. Our expert labour lawyers cater to all elements of our clients’ businesses, always acting in the best interest of the business or company as that is our main goal throughout the course of our work. 

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