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Bank Account Assistance in Bangladesh

When the world’s economy is booming, more money is being generated all over the world. So, it is obvious that the number of bank accounts are also increasing. However, opening a bank account is a difficult task! As FMA has a wide range of clients including foreign and local nationals, we have put our best efforts in making the procedure more easy and less time consuming for our clients. 

In order to establish our abovementioned claim of providing the best Bank Account Assistance in Bangladesh, our financial wing contributes to the matter delinquently. On the other hand, from company incorporation with our company lawyer to bank account opening, all collectively been done by our reputed firm.

FMA assists foreign nationals, foreign companies and locals to open bank account on behalf of its clients. FMA has a fantastic rapport and good established relationships with top banks in Bangladesh; so the understanding and experience to assist in making the process of opening a bank account in this country is made a simple task. 

We have been assisting people locals and foreigners who want to open a bank account for more than a decade now. Our consultants are well trained and skilled professionals. Most of our associates have been through the process themselves and so they have listed out the features which cause the inconvenience so that it can be sorted. Our associates can truly comprehend the frustrations involved and work very hard to make things as easy for our clients. 

To operate business in Bangladesh, it is mandatory for a company to open a bank account in any of the Schedule Banks which has the requisite license from the government under Bank Company Act 1991. 

The following documents are required to be submitted by the Company in order to open the bank account:

i. Signed bank form

ii. Photographs of the shareholders/ shareholder’s representatives 

iii. Trade license 

iv. Tax Identification Certificate of the Company

v. Copies of passport of the shareholders 

vi. Incorporation certificate of the company and Articles of the Company.

vii. Any other documents required by the bank

viii. Initial deposit to open the bank account 

After submitting the above documents, it may take two to five working days to open the bank account in almost all the banks in Dhaka.

Most of our foreign clients will open a bank account in Dhaka, Bangladesh after they arrive by attending a short meeting with one of our associates and experts in opening bank accounts in local banks and discuss the relevant matters. However if it’s only a bank account with which our clients need assistance, then they can also send the relevant documents to the office and we can do the rest for them. 

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