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Sample employment contract, how to draft a compliant employment contract as per the laws of Bangladesh

An employment contract is a legally binding agreement which defines the relationship between the employer and the employee and it includes the “particulars of an employment” or the general conditions and terms of employment. It specifies the rights, and privileges of an employee granted under the labour laws of Bangladesh and also the responsibilities expected to be completed from his/her end. 

In order to draft a compliant employment contract, it is imperative to notice whether the following terms are present:

  • Title of the Agreement: A title of an agreement is mandatory. It is necessary to specify whether the employee agreement is for temporary workers or for permanent employees and it is must be titles likewise. 
  • Identify the parties: Both Parties must be named. The agreement must include the name of the company and also the name of the employee. 
  • Term of the Agreement: The validity of the agreement must be inserted in the agreement in order for it to be effective since as per the laws of Bangladesh an agreement cannot remain valid for an indefinite period of time. 
  • Position/ Place of work: Please insert his/her designation and the place of employment. 
  • Responsibilities of an employee: Please lay out the roles and responsibilities of the respective employee. 
  • Remuneration The remuneration of the respective employee must be inserted in the agreement. 
  • Mandatory Benefits: As per the laws of Bangladesh, an employee is entitled to compulsory annual leave, sick leave, casual leave, festival leave and Maternity leave. He/she is also entitled to two festival bonuses in a year. If the employer wishes to grant any other benefits to the employees, then he must ensure that the company maintains a policy for such benefit. 
  • Termination Procedure: Please insert the provisions for termination with notice or without notice, dismissal, retrenchment and redundancy. 
  • Dispute Resolution: The dispute resolution clause is a mandatory term of an employee agreement which suggests that if the employee or the employer breaches any clause of the agreement the, the employer shall seek redress at the Labour Courts of Bangladesh. 

It is essential to note that the the employment Contract must be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper worth 300 BDT in order for it to be legally binding on both the employer and the employee. 

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