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Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

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Leading Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

One of the major forces that has driven the development of arbitration legal services in Bangladesh is Bangladesh International Arbitration Center which is the first international arbitration institution of the country. It is an organization with experienced arbitrators and provides state-of-the-art facilities for conducting arbitration.     

FM Associates and Arbitration Legal Service in Bangladesh

At FM Associates, we have our lawyers who are professional arbitrators in Bangladesh and arbitrator trainers who have received training and been accredited as arbitrators from international arbitration training institutions. Our arbitration legal service in Bangladesh consist of lawyers along with providing arbitration services both in national and international forums, they also advise on matters related to arbitration clauses, seat of arbitration, whether to adopt ad-hoc or institutional arbitration etc. and also conduct litigation for the enforcement of the foreign or local arbitral award.

Bangladesh is a growing nation with enthusiastic foreign and local investors. Most of these investments are financed through banks and as such banks perform a pivotal role in our economy. Bangladesh Bank, being the central bank of Bangladesh, regularly issues new and modified guidelines through various circulars.

FM Associates | Other Legal Services in Bangladesh

FM Associates provides other legal services such as litigation and corporate services to clients facing legal issues in relation to banking and finance. We have a set of experienced lawyers who prepare various documents required to obtain finance, review documents to be submitted to regulatory authorities, advise on acquiring finance as well as resolve dispute both inside and outside of court through effective dispute resolution skills. FM Associates has a considerable, local and international, clientele base in the form of banks and other financial institutions, including but not limited to insurance companies, asset management companies etc

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