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How to Obtain Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

how to obtain export registration certificate in Bangladesh

This is a guide explaining the step by step procedure as to how to obtain export registration certificates in Bangladesh.

Firstly, let us understand what is Export Registration Certificates or ERC in Bangladesh. Export Registration Certificate required to be obtained by any business establishments in order to export any products from Bangladesh. Export Registration Certificate is mandatory for an entity or company in order to get permission for exporting without any quality and value restriction. In Bangladesh, under the Ministry of Commerce, the office of the Controller of Imports and Exports (CCIE) is established. It is an individual organization and issues Export Certificate or ERC upon application. The Export Policy Order 2015-18 is the legal basis of Export Registration Certificate.

The Step by Step Procedure for Obtaining Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

  • Step 1 | Firstly, from the CCIE office or website the applicant is required to collect the ERC application form.
  • Step 2 | Completely fill up the ERC application form
  • Step 3 | Arrange the copies of the required documents.
  • Step 4 | Submit the filled-in application form and required documents to the dispatch section of CCIE office.
  • Step 5 | Then the registration fee and cost of passbook shall be deposited at the Sonali or Bangladesh Bank
  • Step 6 | Next step is to collect 3 copies of Treasury Challan.
  • Step 7 | After verifying the submitted documents, CCIE shall issue the Export Registration Certificates or ERC and the passbook to the applicant.

Required Documents for Obtaining Export Registration Certificate

  • Attested Copy of original duly attested Trade License of the company.
  • Valid Attested Copy of Chamber of Commerce Membership Certificate from relevant trade association.
  • A VAT registration certificate.
  • Attested Copy of Joint Registered Agreement.
  • Attested Copy of Company Incorporation Certificate (if Limited Company).
  • Attested Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Associations.
  • Original copy of Treasury Challan.
  • Partnership Deed in case of Partnership business.
  • Copy of Financial/Bank Solvency Certificate of the company.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (TIN) of previous year of the establishment.
  • An Office Rent Agreement.
  • Details regarding list of employees, their salary & nationality of the company.
  • Passport size photographs of the Managing Director/Entrepreneur.
  • Citizenship Certificate of the directors by the Word Commissioner.
  • National ID card of Managing Director of the company.
  • Passport Copy & Work permit is required if the director is a foreigner. 

For facilitating the verification process, it is recommended to submit the original documents along with the photocopies. Once the verification is complete the original documents shall be returned. All documents shall be duly attested by a First Class gazetted officer or Notary Public or First-Class Magistrate.

Processing time for issuance of ERC is approximately 4-5 working days.

We, at FM Associates, Assists you to obtain Export Registration Certificates in Bangladesh

FM Associates (FMA), is a full-service corporate law firms, which aims to offer a comprehensive range of services to the clients rather than focusing on just one specific area of law. It is one of the largest and well reputed law firms in Bangladesh offering clients, legal advice that meets clients’ needs and expectations, which includes both domestic and International clients. FMA provides all range of services related to company Incorporating, such as- obtaining ERC, IRC, Name clearance, VAT, TIN, Trade License etc. FMA has legal experts who can assure smooth legal process and assist in obtaining Certificates or License needed for Company Incorporation. 

In Order to obtain Export Registration Certificate, the services FMA can provide are as follows:

  • FMA has an excellent and competent team who can proceed in obtaining ERC Certificate efficiently. The legal advisors of FMA can assist the clients through consultations and meetings and ask them to provide necessary documents-NID, Trade License, Incorporation certificate, photographs, MOA/AOA etc. in order to apply for ERC. Depending on the type of Company or Establishment documents are collected for application.
  • Legal experts in FMA can prepare all the relevant drafting of documents, which are necessary to obtain ERC, which are then shared with the clients for execution. After the execution of documents by clients, it is then sent back to FMA along with the other required documents.
  • FMA then completes the application by submitting the supporting documents to the concerned authority and liaise with them to obtain the certified copy of ERC.
  • FMA, legal experts have good working relation with government offices; for example, BIDA and RJSC, which makes it easier to obtain any certificate.
  • FMA also provides services of renewing the License, if it expires by taking necessary steps at the right time.