Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

Leading Law Firm in Bangladesh

Leading Law Firm in Dhaka

Legal Services or Practice Areas of the Leading Law Firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh | FMA

Legal Services or Practice Areas of the leading law firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

Excellence is the Pixel of our Legal Services

Firstly, FM Associates, having the most diversified practice areas as the Leading Law firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh, provides a comprehensive range of legal services in Bangladesh, necessary for the establishment of business and operations in Bangladesh by both domestic and foreign clients to consider itself as a leading law firm in Bangladesh.

We also assists in legal services such as obtaining statutory permissions and licenses from various regulatory and Government bodies such as Board of Investment, Bangladesh Bank, Register of Joint Stock of Companies and Firms and other government bodies.

This law firm in Bangladesh also represents foreign and domestic lenders and borrowers, financial institutions, financier and insurance companies in all aspect of sophisticated commercial loan transactions and other credit transactions.

Our team of expert lawyers is continuously involved in advising them on various financing transactions, loans, and project financing.

In the area of corporate finance, our firm covers rights issues, private placements, corporate restructuring, schemes of arrangement and advice on security regulations. 

Two Major Key Legal Services or Practice Areas in Bangladesh for FM Associates

Corporate and Commercial Legal Services or Practice Areas in Bangladesh | FM Associates

We understand that providing legal services in Bangladesh under this sector of law, which is very sensitive in terms of matter relating to confidentiality, requires high work ethics and encourgement to provide our clients with privilege of absolute discretion. We as a leading law firm in Bangladesh  always tries to ensure that we fulfil the need of the clients to their discretion as far as possible under the satisfactory compliance of the legal framework in Bangladesh.

Hence, their reputation is upheld on every aspect of practice. Our vast experiences coupled with the knowledge of various Jurisdiction makes FM Associates an Internationally recognized Legal Firm or Law Firm operating in Bangladesh. Our service list and the description therein shall dictate our strong authority in the field of Corporate Law without any dispute.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Legal Services or Practice Areas in Bangladesh | FM Associates

Litigation and Dispute Resolutions are one of the key areas of our legal services or practice areas in Bangladesh,  we  have allocated our litigation experts in Bangladesh proportionately in both the lower courts and the higher courts of Bangladesh as per their gathered expertise and experiences. Our litigation practices includes but are not limited to the followings:

Company, Aviation (Money Suits, Damage Recovery, Insurance claims), Business, Family (mostly Divorces and Custody matters), Taxation, Admiralty, ICT, Banking and also covers all sort of Quasi-Criminal, Criminal and Civil matters in Bangladesh.

Our Company Law Practices

Our stronghold on the matters related to Company Laws from its very inception of having to register/incorporate a Company in Bangladesh with the Company House in Bangladesh, RJSC makes us very reliable due to our on-spot liaison with RJSC and drafting skills. Our Company Lawyers or Business Lawyers in Bangladesh are the most experienced in this field of expertise. We also have some experienced and well trained corporate secretaries which makes us the best choice for Corporate Secretarial Services in Bangladesh

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire Us | FM Associates

  • The firm also advises clients in connection with various traditional lending transactions and derivative financial instruments. 
  • We, at FM Associates, employ a ‘project team’ approach so that clients get the benefit of access to all of the Firm's expert groups around the globe, which in other words shall ensure an international standard of work. We provide prompt and integrated service to our clients, based on their requirements, whichever part of the country they may be. 
  • FM Associates is an international law firm with offices in many different countries and FM Associates Bangladesh work closely with all the other offices on many cross border matters.

Practice Areas of FM Associates


    FMA's corporate & commercial legal services in Bangladesh acts for various foreign and domestic producers, distributors, service suppliers, trade associations in a broad range of international trade and services matters, from technology to heavy industry, to telecommunications.


    The employment & labour legal services in Bangladesh is an over going concern. Related laws are governed by the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006, Bangladesh Labour (Amendment) Act 2010 and Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015 for mostly all companies except the companies operating in the Economic Zones in Bangladesh as separate rules are mostly applicable.


    One of the major forces that has driven the development of arbitration legal services in Bangladesh is Bangladesh International Arbitration Center which is the first international arbitration institution of the country. It is an organization with experienced arbitrators and provides state-of-the-art facilities for conducting arbitration.


    Over recent years the global aviation sector has witnessed the rapid growth of air travel in emerging markets. FMA prides itself on being that firm which provides aviation legal service in Bangladesh. At FMA, Aviation legal service in Bangladesh's clients are always offered with a high-quality service.


    Over recent years the global aviation sector has witnessed the rapid growth of air travel in emerging markets. FMA prides itself on being that firm which provides aviation legal service in Bangladesh. At FMA, Aviation legal service in Bangladesh's clients are always offered with a high-quality service.


    FM Associates provides extensive and specialized real estate and environment legal service in Bangladesh in relation to investigations of commercial and residential properties, determination of title and interests, examination property documents etc.


    FM Associates provides extensive and specialized real estate and environment legal service in Bangladesh in relation to investigations of commercial and residential properties, determination of title and interests, examination property documents etc.


    As a reputed international law firm, we assist both local and foreign clients in opening Joint Ventures companies with the assistance from our Company Lawyers in Bangladesh in various industries such as aviation industry, energy industry, logistics industry etc. Our services include the following:


    Bangladesh Bank is the main regulatory body of the country’s monetary and financial system, and such is the authority that regulates banking and financial legal services in Bangladesh. It was established on 16th December 1971, through the Bangladesh Bank Order 1972- President’s Order No. 127 of 1972 (Amended in 2003). The Chief Executive Officer of this monumental institution is also as the Governor

  • Intellectual Property Legal Services in Bangladesh

    FM Associates is one of the leading Intellectual Property Law Firms in Bangladesh, providing a wide range of Intellectual property legal services in Bangladesh. Our services include registrations, renewals, rectification of Trade Mark, Patent, and Copyright. Intellectual Property Lawyers in Bangladesh needs a great deal of expertise to handle matter delicately. Furthermore, our experienced attorneys provide litigation services for any breach of Intellectual Property Law which includes issuing and/or reply legal notices for any infringement of the Intellectual Property rights, filing litigation, attending hearing etc.

  • Antitrust & Antidumping Legal Services in Bangladesh.

    Dumping basically refers to a situation where the products of one country enter into the commercial territory of another country at a price less than its normal value in the ordinary course of trade compared to similar products of the country in which it has been exported. Bangladesh, being an active member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), is subject to international trade with several European and Asian countries.


    Our admiralty and maritime legal services in Bangladesh has an experienced team in representing number of clients in maritime disputes involving arrest of ships, charter parties, collisions, cargo claims, pollution claims, maritime liens, ship finance etc. FMA’s diverse group of clients includes marine underwriters, vessel owner/operators, banks, government agencies, and individuals. We frequently call on the depth and breadth of our lawyers’ expertise in complimentary practice areas including litigation, disputes concerning contracts of affreightment, claims under marine insurance policies and judicial sales.


    FM Associates Bangladesh provides a comprehensive range of dispute resolution legal services in Bangladesh including litigation, arbitration, negotiation, mediation, conciliation etc. A dispute can be resolved by way of taking legal action which must be brought or defended in the court of law. A person who is affected by any wrongful act can take legal action with the help of dispute resolution legal services in Bangladesh, both in civil and criminal nature against any other person in the courts of Bangladesh.Alternatively, a dispute resolution legal services in Bangladesh can be resolved by way of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) without going to the court. ADR can be used almost in all contentious matters which are capable of being resolved, under law, by agreement between the parties.


    FM Associates Bangladesh has the team of Best Litigation Lawyers in Bangladesh who are providing various litigation services in Bangladesh such as instituting various civil and criminal cases in the courts of Bangladesh, filing civil and criminal appeal and revision, filing various writ petitions, instituting cases in the administrative tribunal etc. FM Associates is a well established international chamber, having the best litigation services in Bangladesh, who has a strong connection with the country’s most prominent and recognized senior lawyers.


    Owing to the piles of cases already pending at the civil courts of Bangladesh and the associated hassles, out-of-court settlements or alternative dispute resolutions are gaining popularity. At FM Associates, when situation permits, we always advise our clients to settle the issue mutually by way of negotiation, and if they ever need a lawyer to assist them in negotiations, we provide them with the best in terms of qualification, experience and maturity.


    FM Associates has a very significant practice and experience in tax and VAT related services in Bangladesh. To reciprocate leading tax and VAT services in Bangladesh, FM Associate, as leading law firm has also been awarded as the best tax law firm of the year by Finance Monthly Tax Awards, a London based rating agency.


    FM Associates Bangladesh, provide precise and impeccable advice to both local and foreign personnel or entity on formation and incorporation of their business and other associated obligations that are needed to be complied with by any legal entity. Therefore, if you are suffering to know the procedure as to how to register your company in Bangladesh or as to how to incorporate your company in Bangladesh then FM Associates is the right platform.


    At FM Associates, we work to serve the best interest of our clients, by attending legal concerns towards a dignified outcome which serves our clients purpose. Family Lawyers in Bangladesh are the most needful among any other developing countries due to its over-growing family dispute. We understand how difficult and emotionally distressing legal issues can get, for which we facilitates to resolve disputes with discretion and empathy. Our skilled and professional teams of lawyers deal with disputes following a pragmatic and intelligent approach. The firm is proficient and has years of experience in all areas of family, succession, and trust law.


    Project Finance is a term that is mostly used in the private sector of the economy. Investment firms and financial institutions provides for contingent equity, hedges and a variety of limited guarantees through a newly organized company, mobilization of debt, equity, applicable to partnership or JV companies in order to build large or medium scale projects.


    It is very ordinary for a lawyer who does general practices to have bits of knowledge on everything that invokes their attention. However, getting specialized in something that deals with finance makes a practice undoubtedly very challenging, hence requires a great deal of competency.


    At the present time, corruption has become one of the most devastating problems in Bangladesh. According to the reports of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), Bangladesh is one of the most corrupted countries in the World. The main reason behind such corruption in Bangladesh is the lack of proper administrative functioning of the government, and also the 'quick get rich' trend, which has been developed among the people due to the lack of patriotism.

  • Public Procurement in Bangladesh

    Here, in FM Associates along with its financial wing FM Consulting International we provide services to our clients by helping them to glide through the procurement process smoothly as per the law or as per the agreement so that all the regulations and laws are abided in the proper manner as lawyer/counsel in CPTU appeals/reviews. Further, we even help make clients make complaints, and appeals to the CPTU. Further, we make representations as legal counsels while these hearing takes place and also file writ cases as lawyer in the High Court Division against the decisions of the Review Panel of the CPTU.

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

    FM Associates has significant experience in insurance matters and provides complex insurance coverage and analysis and scope coverage opinions under various insurance policies.