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A Full Service Leading Law Firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh | FM Associates

As for a little introduction to FM Associates, it is a full serviced Leading Law Firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh with Attorneys, Solicitors, Advocates, Barristers, Lawyers of who are renowned in their respected field of expertise.

Our experiences comprises within and outside the jurisdiction of Bangladesh due to the diversified origin of our clientele. It is the same reason why our full serviced leading law firm in Dhaka and Chittagong,  Bangladesh has practical and legal knowledge that breaks the rigid boundary of legal understanding while keeping us prepared for any challenges that others may fail to acknowledge. We Provide the best Attorneys, Solicitors, Lawyers and Advocates in Bangladesh. Among any other full serviced leading law firm in Dhaka and chittagong Bangladesh, FM Associates provides the leading Company, Corporate and Commercial Lawyers in Bangladesh.

We ensure transparency which mentors reliability because that is the essence of Legal Ethics in our firm.

The range of work undertaken by FM Associates is unrivalled by any other law firm in Bangladesh. It is a full-service leading law firm operating in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh which provides complete legal solutions for any legal issue in the respective regions and also through its to all over Bangladesh. The quality of work produced by FM Associates has been recognised by various national and international organisations, which in turn has led to FM Associates being awarded many distinctive accolades such as the “Best Commercial Firm in Bangladesh”, “Best Labor Law Firm”, “Excellence in Cross Border Legal Services” etc. It was also named as one of the Leading Law Firms in the Asia Pacific Region by the Legal 500.

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Corporate Lawyer in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh |

Barrister Al Amin Rahman

Managing Partner, FM Associates

 In Bangladesh the law firm has its offices in Dhaka and Chittagong while operating in close knits with its national and international counterparts, giving it the upper hand of exploiting the best of the experiences and expertises. Our team comprise of the finest Barristers, Lawyers and legal consultants in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh who will work on your behalf to make certain that all your legal needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

Many of our associates are leaders in their field and our practice areas are highly ranked by legal practitioners and clients alike.

What Makes FMA a Leading Law Firm in Bangladesh

The best attribute a lawyer can possess is the ability to empathize with the situation of their client, in order to obtain the best possible outcome for them. FM Associates is a distinctive law firm in Bangladesh, which has expanded due to the efforts and work ethic led by its partners and upheld by associates of the firm to help all those who cross the threshold seeking legal advice, regardless of their social standing or financial capacity.Over the years we have recognised in many different international and National legal platforms, among which the followings are the notable ones: 

Top Tier Firm

FM Associates

Second Tier

FM ASSOCIATES has been ranked and recognised as among the top tier Law firm in Bangladesh Jurisdiction according to Legal 500, it is now current ranked on Tier Second (2). 

Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

FM ASSOCIATES has been ranked and recognised as the Leading Law Firm in Bangladesh.

Over the years, it has established its reputation as being one of the most professional and reliable firms in Bangladesh. The main factor which differentiates FM from other firms is the fact that we conduct seminars on our corporate social responsibility and good practice within the firm along with implementation of several international workplace guidelines. We value our clients above all else FM Associates has upheld their responsibility towards the community as a whole and participates in training projects for employees and women-owned businesses to handle matters of company incorporation and required documentation. We shall keep conducting such workshops in collaboration with notable organizations to do our part for the community. Due to client satisfaction with the high level of professionalism and timely legal solutions FM Associates has gained the trust of several top level companies. We act for clients in the most complex and challenging situations; protecting their assets such as their business, estate or relationships and also adhere to their best interests. In case inevitable situations arise, our experts guide clients’ through difficult choices and strive to provide the best possible legal advice for their situation. For each and every client, we maintain professionalism and confidentiality to protect their interests. We have discreetly advised public figures and high-profile clients and upheld their reputations in the public eye. 

FM Associates Can Help to Get Your Company a Lawyer in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh, it Deserves.

A full pledged Company doesn't need a lawyer because it needs a team of dedicated Company Lawyers in Bangladesh. It always stays in a desperate need of a bunch, because you don't want your Tax Lawyer to go and fight for you in the Court in regards to company matters, or to do the vetting of a sensitive agreement, rather you want a Company Lawyer in Bangladesh and a team of professionals to assist round  the clock, dealing important issues for you. FM Associates gives you the flexibility to let you hire a team of Company Lawyers in Bangladesh who is great in their niche of work, thus giving you the best legal services available in Bangladesh.

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