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For BS 211 Plane Accident Survivors/Deceased's Next of Kin FM Associates Contact- Helpline

We convey our deepest sympathies and condolences to all the families of the passengers and the crew who have lost their loved ones at the tragic crash of US- Bangla Airlines. We mourn their sudden depart and pray for the earliest recovery of those injured.


"FM Associates" A Full Service Legal Firm in Bangladesh"


Experience, Reliability, Ethics

FM Associates is a full serviced legal firm in Bangladesh with Attorneys/Solicitors/Advocates/Barristers/Lawyers of who are renowned in their respected field of expertise. Our experiences comprise within and outside the jurisdiction of Bangladesh due to the diversified origin of our clientele. It is the same reason why our full serviced legal firm in Bangladesh has practical and legal knowledge that breaks the rigid boundary of legal understanding while keeping us prepared for any challenges that others may fail to acknowledge. We Provide the best Attorneys, Solicitors, Lawyers and Advocates in Bangladesh.

Among any other full serviced legal firm in Bangladesh, FM Associates provides the leading Company, Corporate and Commercial Lawyers in Bangladesh.

One of the intriguing factors that help improve clients satisfaction and make them absolutely confident about the standing of their legal position is to stay transparent.  The worry is ours, however, remaining transparent is the best way of helping.

We ensure transparency which mentors reliability because that is the essence of Legal Ethics in our full serviced legal firm in Bangladesh

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Corporate & Commercial Law | FM Associates | Legal Firm in Bangladesh

We understand that it is the most sensitive sector of law for any legal firm in Bangladesh and our clients are absolutely privileged with discretion. Hence, their reputation is upheld on every aspect of practice. 

Vast experiences coupled with the awareness of various Jurisdiction makes FM Associates an Internationally recognized Legal Firm operating in Bangladesh.

Our Service list and the description therein shall dictate our strong authority in the field of Civil Law without any dispute.



Litigation | FM Associates | Legal Firm in Bangladesh

Litigation is one of the key areas of our practice, and wherein we have expertise in both the lower court and the higher court of Bangladesh. We as legal firm in Bangladesh are experienced in cases arising out of civil, criminal, company, income tax and writ matters. Our senior council Mr. Abdur Matin Khasru, the elected member of the parliament, who is also a distinguished personality and a former law minister of Bangladesh happens to be actively contributing our litigation wing of our legal firm. 


FM Associates Can Help to Get Your Company a Lawyer in Bangladesh it deserves.

A full pledged Company doesn't need a lawyer because it needs a team of dedicated Company Lawyers in Bangladesh. It always stays in a desperate need of a bunch, because you don't want your Tax Lawyer to go and fight for you in the Court in regards to company matters, or to do the vetting of a sensitive agreement, rather you want a Company Lawyer in Bangladesh and a team of professionals to assist round  the clock, dealing important issues for you.

FM Associates gives you the flexibility to let you hire a team of Company Lawyers in Bangladesh who is great in their niche of work, thus giving you the best legal services available in Bangladesh. 

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Why is FM Associates among the Leading Law Firms in Bangladesh?  




1.     FM Associates provides a comprehensive range of services necessary for the establishment of business and operations in Bangladesh by both domestic and foreign clients to consider itself as a leading law firm in Bangladesh.
2.     FM Associates, the law firm in Bangladesh also assists in obtaining statutory permissions and licenses from various regulatory and Government bodies such as Board of Investment, Bangladesh Bank, Register of Joint Stock of Companies and Firms and other government bodies.
3.     This law firm in Bangladesh also represents foreign and domestic lenders and borrowers, financial institutions, financing and insurance companies in all aspect of sophisticated commercial loan transactions and other credit transactions.
4.     Our team of expert lawyers is continuously involved in advising them on various financing transactions, loans, and project financing.
5.     In the area of corporate finance, our firm covers rights issues, private placements, corporate restructuring, schemes of arrangement and advice on security regulations.
6.     The firm also advises clients in connection with various traditional lending transactions and derivative financial instruments.
7.     We, at FM Associates, employ a ‘project team’ approach so that clients get the benefit of access to all of the Firm's expert groups around the globe, which in other words shall ensure an international standard of work.
8.     We provide prompt and integrated service to our clients, based on their requirements, whichever part of the country they may be.
9.     FM Associates is an international law firm with offices in many different countries and FM Associates Bangladesh work closely with all the other offices on many cross border matters.

Meet Our Partners

Al Amin Rahman

Al Amin Rahman

Managing Partner, FM Associates

Barrister-at-Law (Hon'ble Society of Lincoln's Inn, UK)

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Sabrina Zarin

Sabrina Zarin

Partner, FM Associates

Barrister-at-Law (Hon'ble Society of Lincoln's Inn, UK)

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

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