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How to Obtain Fire Licenses in Bangladesh

How to obtain fire license in Bangladesh

In this guideline we shall describe the procedure as to how to obtain the  Fire licenses in Bangladesh along with the documents requirements.

Fire License is a mandatory permit which shall be required by all factories in Bangladesh. It is an important document issued by the Bangladesh fire service in order to ensure safety at any place or establishment. Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Act, 2003 sets out legislative guidelines for the prevention, effective extinguishing of fire and also for the reduction of fire damage and consequences. The Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD) is issuing a fire license in Bangladesh. A fire license is vital to any industrial enterprise and is as important as obtaining a trade license in order to ensure safety and security to people.

The Step by Step Procedure for Obtaining Fire Licenses in Bangladesh:

  • First step is to Collect the application Form.
  • The application Form shall be collected from the Dhaka Head Office of Fire Service and Civil Defense.
  • Then the application form shall be duly filled in.
  • Arrange the copies of the required documents.
  • Submit the filled in application form along with the supporting documents to the office of Fire Service and Civil Defense.
  • After that, an Inspection Officer form FSCD will inspect the factory area for inspecting the followings safety measures: 
  • Availability of Fire-Fighting Equipment’s at the Establishment/Factory
  • Two exit stair cases at the factory
  • Facilities of entering the Fire Brigade Vehicle to enter into the spot
  • There should be enough space for load-unload facilities space goods of the factory building.
  • After the inspection is complete, a Demand Note is issued which states the amount of fee that needs to be paid by the applicant.
  • If there has been points of violation then a specific time is given to address these issues to the applicant.
  • Later, The Factory will be re inspected in order to check if the flagged violations have been addressed.
  • After all the above steps are complete, if FSDC is satisfied that the Factory fulfils the requirements of fire safety, it shall issue a Fire License to the applicant.
  • Obtain the Fire License Certificate.

Required Documents for Obtaining fire Licenses in Bangladesh | Checklist

  • Completely filled in prescribed application form
  • Attested Copy of original duly attested Trade License of the company.
  • Attested Copy of Company Incorporation Certificate.
  • Attested Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Associations.
  • Copy of Financial/Bank Solvency Certificate of the establishment.
  • Tax Payers identification number (TIN).
  • Valuation Certificate from Municipality or relevant city corporation.
  • A No-Objection-Certificate from local representative. (If Plastic Industry)
  • Original copy of treasury challan or Demand note.
  • Deed of Agreement with rental receipt.
  • A Clearance Certificate from the FSCD Office.
  • 2 sets of layout plan of the establishment/factory/building authorized by RAJUK or City Corporation.
  • Completely filled in additional form (In case of garments factories).

FM Associates Assists on obtaining the Fire Licenses in Bangladesh

In Order to obtain, Fire License, the services FMA can provide are as follows:

  • Obtaining Fire License could be complicated and time consuming. FMA has an excellent and competent team who can proceed in obtaining Fire license fast and efficiently. The legal advisors of FMA can assist the clients through consultations and meetings to determine the list of documents in order to proceed with application to the concerned authority.
  • Depending on the type of Factory/Establishment, the list of documents also differs. FMA can ask the applicant to provide necessary documents needed depending on the type of Company or Establishment to apply for the License. The supporting documents includes, NOC, Deed Agreement, TIN, VAT, Trade license, A Clearance Certificate from the FSCD Office, Bank statement etc. FMA can assist by preparing, collecting, drafting deeds of the supporting documents.
  • After collecting all the required documents, it is then shared with the clients for execution. After the execution of documents by clients, it is then sent back to FMA along with the other required documents.
  • FMA then completes the application by submitting the application form along with supporting documents. FMA also makes necessary payments of Government fees to the concerned authority and liaise with them.
  • FMA, legal experts have good working relation with government offices, which makes it easier to obtain any certificate or license.