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How to Obtain Factory Establishment Licenses in Bangladesh

how to obtain factory and establishment licenses in Bangladesh

In this guideline we shall describe the procedure as to how to obtain the factory and establishment licenses in Bangladesh along with the documents requirements.

In Bangladesh, all factories and establishments must be registered with the Government in compliance with the provisions of the Factories Act and Rules. Factory Establishment License is a mandatory permit which shall be required by all factories in Bangladesh. The District offices of the Department of Inspection for factories and Establishments (DIFE) is the responsible authority for a factory’s construction, establishment or expansion, obtaining license or renewing it. It is an autonomous government body responsible for the inspection of health and safety in factories and establishments in Bangladesh. It also provides factories with knowledge and training on the health of employees and the enforcement of labor laws in Bangladesh. The Government has introduced online application service for obtaining license of establishment. The Labor Inspection Management Application (LIMA) is a portal of Department of Inspection of Factories and Establishments which makes the application process much easier. Now the applicants can easily apply, manage and monitor licenses form LIMA portal. 

The Steps for Obtaining Factory Establishment License (online) is mentioned below:

  • At First, Visit the Labour Inspection Management Application Website
  • From the Top Menu, proceed with "Forms" and then select “Form 77” (License Application)
  • Create a User ID and Password
  • Then Auto Login/Login to Lima Portal by providing the new User ID and Password
  • Fill up the application form by proving necessary information’s.
  • Attach the required attachments
  • Save draft or finalize the application 
  • Submit the Application
  • The application is then reviewed by DIFE Licensing Authority
  • Depending on the type of industry the application is then sent to DIG/IG
  • DIG/IG will review the application and provide comments
  • If necessary, factory/Establishment shall be inspected and give assessment report on inspection
  • After all the assessment and verification if the Licensing Authority/DIG is satisfied then factory license shall be provided
  • Obtain the Factory License

At any time after the submission of application, its progress can be monitored by Logging in to the User Account. As soon as the application is approved an e-mail is sent to the applicant.

The factory license is required to be renewed by paying the scheduled renewal fee before 31 December of each year. If, for any reason, an application for a factory building, extension, registration or license is denied, the applicant shall have the right to appeal to the Government within 30 days of the rejection.

Procedure to obtain factory licenses in Bangladesh

FM Associates Assists on obtaining the Factory Establishment Licenses

In Order to obtain factory establishment license, the services FMA can provide are as follows:

  • FMA has an excellent and competent team who can proceed in obtaining factory establishment license. In order to apply for factory license, at first, it is required create an account on LIMA website. The legal experts can start application procedure by creating an account on LIMA online portal.
  • Depending on the type of Factory/Establishment, supporting documents can be different. FMA legal team assists in collecting supporting documents required for application, such as, NOC, Trade License/Incorporation Certificate etc. and then prepares for applying for Factory License.
  • FMA legal experts can assist in drafting, collecting and preparing the supporting documents. FMA also makes necessary payments of Government fees to the concerned authority.
  • Once the application is submitted, the status of the application can monitor and if the Licensing authority further asked for any documentation the FMA team can proceed with that as well.