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The Labour Law Act and the Labour Law rules and regulations have brought new dimensions and diversities in the legal arena and in the works of an Employer lawyers in Bangladesh. It has been promulgated to ensure that both the Employer and the Employees are not derived of their obligatory rights. Furthermore, ensuring that employer lawyers in Bangladesh can work out its ways without making any prejudicial or unfavourable circumstances.

Labour Act 2006, along with its amendments in the year 2010 and 2013, coupled with Labour Law rules 2013 have been enacted in regards to employment matters. The employer lawyers in Bangladesh needs to address whether the followings are complied with law:

1.     Proper employment of workers

2.     Conditions of employment and services

3.     Payment of wages

4.     Health and safety measures

5.     Minimum working hours and leave

6.     Maternity benefits, termination and dismissal benefits.

Employers or lawyers of such employer of any Company or industry have the responsibility to first safeguard their interests but that does not give them the opportunity to exploit the circumstances of the employees. They are equally accountable to uphold the rights, interests and privileges of the employees.  The Companies and the Entities, always cannot deal with the Employment matters on their own and as such they sometimes require a specialist in this field to provide them with guidance with their expertise.

Employer Lawyer | FM Services in Bangladesh

FM Associates is an international Law Firm and they have earned fame all over the world, especially as an Employer’s Lawyer, resolving labour disputes between Employer and Employees. They have gathered insurmountable experience in Employment matters and are able to provide comprehensive and focussed services to their clients. The firm has an enviable reputation of providing Labour services competently and diligently, to the Client's full satisfaction.

With the emerging body of Labour legislation, FM Associates, being the highly reputed employer’s lawyer for more than a decade now, can assures to comply with the latest amendments of the Labour Law, thereby securing the best possible outcome for its respective clients.

FM Associates have been regularly drafting dismissal or termination letters on behalf of the employers ensuring that the employees receive the statutory compensation for the number of years worked in that entity, festival bonuses and any entitlement of the provident funds, if any. We have also assisted the employer in calculating necessary benefits of the employees at the time of company's winding up.

We have been frequently engaged in conducting due diligence on establishments based on labour laws rules to assist the employers to be compliant with the aforesaid law. We have been efficiently providing legal advices to the employers on the steps that the employer can take to minimize the risk of a lawsuit when terminating an employee for misconduct, poor performance or causing sexual harassment at work place.

We have vetted and reviewed various:

  • Employment contracts,
  • Severance contracts,
  • Agreements with third party on behalf of the Employer,
  • Drafting service rules & etc.

We have frequently aided in checking whether the terms and conditions in the employment contract or agreements with third Party are favourable for the Employer and when these legal terms are enforceable, they do not put the Employer in any disadvantageous position. Furthermore, upon the requirement of the Employer, we even prepare a service rules book to assist the Employer to be compliant with the Labour Laws ensuring that such rules do not violate the laws regarding overtime pay, maternity benefits and holiday leave. Our team of highly experienced labour law practitioners have also represented clients in the Labour Law Courts and also provided Arbitration, Negotiation and Mediation services.

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