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Over recent years the global aviation sector has witnessed the rapid growth of air travel in emerging markets. FMA prides itself on being that firm which provides aviation legal service in Bangladesh. At FMA, Aviation legal service in Bangladesh's clients are always offered with a high-quality service. We are experienced in all types of aviation-related work, whether in the context of fleeting programs, high-value disputes, corporate transactions, commercial contracts, and development of aviation infrastructure. The present legal regulatory frame work for civil aviation activities in Bangladesh is the Civil Aviation Rules, 1984, and the Air Navigation Orders issued by the Chairman under this rule. As per provisions laid down in Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960 and Civil Aviation Rules 1984, this organization acts as the Aeronautical Authority of Bangladesh and discharges the duties and responsibilities as laid down by ICAO.

Through the aviation legal services in Bangladesh, we provide and process necessary legal documents and formalities with Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB) who functions as the regulatory body for all aviation related activities in Bangladesh. We are experienced to meet our clients’ needs making contacts with CAAB and other regulatory public authority and comply with all the legal provisions to solve any problem. It is also the aeronautical service provider and is responsible for safe, expeditious and efficient flow of air traffic within the Flight Information Region (FIR) bounded by the International geographic boundary of Bangladesh. This organization is the custodian of all airfields and allied facilities including air navigation facilities.Recently Bangladesh has been a signatory to Cape Town convention and thus submitted all relevant underlying forms duly signed towards the completion of its ratification. This entitles the Government to waive the requirement from an additional guarantee by way of registering all relevant rights chronologically in the aircraft registers under the Cape Town Convention.

FM Associates and Aviation Legal Services in Bangladesh 

In the midst of aviation legal service in Bangladesh, FMA is undoubtedly leading the aviation practice sector in Bangladesh. Starting from the regulatory frameworks the firm has wide experience in this sector with respect to advisory work and drafting of documents on a wide range of aviation matters, including protecting, perfecting, and enforcing ownership or security interests in aircrafts, cross border aircraft purchase, mortgage of aircrafts and aircraft parts, wet and dry leasing of aircrafts as well as financing of the full range of aircraft-related transactions. As far as the lease financing capabilities of the firm is concerned the firm advises on all sorts of aircraft purchase, lease, mortgage, licensing, and lien etc. issues. Within the scope of aviation legal services in Bangladesh, the firm also has significant experience in handling carriers’ liability resulting from casualties, collision, pilotage, towing and salvage under Bangladesh law and international conventions.

FM Associates has enormous experiences in relation to aviation legal services in Bangladesh, having a large clientele in the relevant industry, with regards to the advisory work and drafting of documents on a wide range of aviation matters. Our regular advice to both local and international clients include carriers’ liability matters under both Bangladesh law and international conventions; regulatory requirements for aircraft purchase, lease, mortgage, licensing and slot allocation. It is vitally necessary to protect and perfect the proper application of legal interest in Aircraft ownership and all other related matters in the given emerging market of Aviation in Bangladesh and abroad.