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Litigation consists of the series of steps that may lead to a court trial and eventually a resolution of the matter is reached. 

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In this mist of litigation practices lies the bold signs of lawyer’s authority, because it is that area of law where the skill of advocacy is tested hardcore, and every individual solicitor is distinct from another. We in FM Associates have a litigation wing in which all the members are the masters of their respective roles due to the fact they fight cases according to their own expertise and share knowledge’s in a manner that covers their needful. Coupled with national skills, our clients are also privilege to get international consultation based on individual needs.

The litigation Solicitors master the art of representing clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings. They draft legal documents, advise clients and manage their legal state of affairs. It is the discretion of lawyers to specialize in one single area may practice in many areas of law.

There are two types of lawyers: litigation and transactional. A litigation Advocates is skilled as to how to present his/her client’s side of a dispute to a judge to protect his/her rights and get the most out of the chances of getting a decision which is favourable for his/her client.

A transactional lawyer is skilled to assist the clients in relation to the rights and obligations of the client when they intend to deal with the matter in question in a way other than the courts or tribunals. If a person closes a business deal, he/she would want the deal to go in a way that they understand will be favourable for him. A transactional lawyer will assist the individual to draft the contract or agreement in a way that the client; at least has a legal standing of his own if the deal goes off track. A contract that is well drafted will be capable to stand up in court and speak for itself; and so the courts will enforce it as much as it appropriately can. 

This type of lawyer negotiates business deals, prepares severance packages for terminated employees, drafts wills are all jobs for transactional lawyers. One thing to note  while discussing the major skills of transactional lawyers are that in most cases the cases they deal with have no dispute over who owes what to whom. 

In most cases, transactional lawyers will usually not enforce the contract. The general scenario is that a litigation Attorneys will be appointed to do execute the processes required for enforcement because it’s the litigation Advocates who are suitably skilled to know how the courts work and what’s the best way to argue a strong case before the judge.

To summarise, who is a litigation lawyer? He/she is trained expert in telling you what to do. This type of lawyer is best skilled as giving you the most accurate legal advice. They know the law and so can give you a solution that the client can back up with authority. These lawyers will not provide an advice which are personal in nature, their advices will be the product of law and judgments previously given by judges. They compare the facts of each case to see how the law treated them before. 

In order to be litigation lawyers, the Bangladesh Bar Council Enrolment exam needs to be passed. Even if an individual has sought their Bar at Law degree, the Bar Council Exam will have to be taken and passed accordingly. This is to ensure that all the advocates who want to practice litigation in Bangladesh has the knowledge and expertise to handle clients and seek justice for them. After getting the license to practice in the lower court of Bangladesh formally known as the Judge Court, they become eligible for the lower court but they are obliged to take a further exam arranged by the Bangladesh Bar Council for advocates to enrol themselves as advocates of the High Court of Bangladesh which can only be taken after a year of being eligible as an advocate of the lower court. Only after passing that exam, they become eligible to practice in the High Court of Bangladesh. 

Although most cases don’t end up going to trial, the trial is the final destination of all litigation lawyers because it is the first and the last opportunity to make the client’s case legally sound to the judge. It is their strong advocacy skills that help clients present their perspective and make their footing in court.