FM Associates is first generation law firm that is renowned for its innovative and sprightly thinking, commitment to its clients & the skills to render prompt & praiseworthy explication to the most sophisticated business challenges. 

It’s a part of Fox Mandal what was established in 1896 & it is raving of an incomparable legal tradition of being the legal advisor of East India Company.  

Following the uncompromised legacy & committed standard service to the clients, the firm has expended throughout the Globe having its offices in India, UK & Bangladesh. 

FM Associates, over the years has received a number of domestic and international honors; and has worked with several Fortune 500 companies, MNC’s, Private individual & corporations with greater success.

The Firm has domestic and multinational clients base that includes public authorities, financial institutions & banks, Fortune 500 companies, real estate and venture capital funds in various sectors including Industrial, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, IT, Insurance, Mutual Fund, Infrastructure, Telecom, Media and Banking. 

We deeply focus on understanding the nature of each client’s real business issues. Our lawyers in the firm aim to create a positive & constructive approach to every single matter to meet the client’s particular business needs. 

We are the pioneer rendering an international standard legal service in Bangladesh guided by some core values accountability, flexibility, collaboration, commitment to excellence & desire to succeed. This is the essence of our soothing and long standing effective relationship between us and our clients.

FM Associates is a door to meet your premium corporate legal service in Bangladesh.