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Cross Border Divorces in Bangladesh from Abroad

Marriages are said to be made in heaven and all hell seems to break out when this union of two people turns into a divorce or cross border divorces in Bangladesh. Divorce or the cross border divorces in Bangladesh is born when there is a death of a marriage and acts as the two sides of the same coin, one when two individuals come together in a holy matrimony and the latter when they go in their separate directions. Although legally, marriages are nothing more than a civil contract between two people; however marriages, as a divine blessing, is accepted as a very strong social norm in Bangladesh and thus a sense of encouragement and support can be seen among all family members and friends present in the ceremony.  And specially when the marriage takes place between families belonging to similar background, race and religion. Hence, Bangladeshis from all over the globe when wants to marry comes back to their home ground to complete and register the holy ritual. But many a times we have seen that this relationship ends up in divorces for various reasons and results. 


Cross-Border Divorces in Bangladesh

Cross-Border Divorces in Bangladesh

Cross Border Divorces | Divorces from Abroad

Well, the issue arises when either or both the couples live outside Bangladesh who is commonly known as Non-Resident Bangladeshis and want to divorce as per the laws of Bangladesh are commonly known as cross-border divorces n Bangladesh. In such case, sometimes it is seen that the individual who wants to divorce either comes back to Bangladesh to complete the divorce procedure or the individual simply wants to avoid going to Bangladesh and wants to finish the procedure while staying abroad thus shunning the expenses related to travelling and other associated costs. And once the divorce is completed, the certificate of divorce is collected from the City Corporation.

Before getting a divorce, it is utmost important to have the nikanama (marriage certificate) to exactly know the detailed information written in the document before the actual event takes place. At that point of time the issue of dower money arises of whether one needs to pay the money or not. There has always been a confusion as to the dower (den mohor) money as to if a man divorces then he needs to pay the dower as opposed to no requirement of payment of dower money if a woman divorces. But the actual fact is, irrespective of whoever divorces, the den mohor has to be paid by the husband to the wife.

Sometimes, a non resident Bangladeshi when comes to Bangladesh is afraid for many reasons to divorce, maybe because the other party may take any adverse actions against him/her. Then prior to giving a divorce a general diary with the police may be made to record of such anxiety and to avoid any hassles if a case is being filed.

Cross border divorces are taking place regularly and the legalized divorced documents are then submitted by the respective individuals in the respective country of their settlement to be kept in record.

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