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Employment Service Rules in Bangladesh, its Significance to Avoid Sanctions by the Labour Court in Bangladesh

The importance or significance of Employment Services Rules in Bangladesh is highlighted due to the transition of Bangladesh’s economy, from a less developed economy to a transition economy. This has happened due to the transitions from agricultural sectors to industrial and service sectors. It is mandatory in Bangladesh for businesses to have service rules displayed on all units/establishments for all employees to see. 

In recent times, formal legislation on service rules published in the gazette on Labour Rules 2015 implements concrete legal guidelines to govern the service conditions of the employee recruited by the employer. 

  • Standards on employment of workers.
  • Relations between workers and employers
  • Payment of wages
  • Compensation for injuries to workers during working hours
  • Formation of trade unions
  • Raising and settlement of industrial disputes
  • Safety
  • Welfare working conditions and environment of workers; and
  • Apprenticeship and matters adjuvant thereto
Employment Service Rules

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How Labour Law in Bangladesh Plays the Vital Role in Shaping the Working Standard.

Bangladesh labour law plays a vital role in regulating the employment conditions of the country and other related compliance requirements for the employers and employees in Bangladesh. Employment law governs the rights and duties of employers and worker, it is also known as labour law. The rules were designed to act in the best interest of workers, offer protection and ensure their fair treatment. 

There are laws in place to protect employers’ interests as well. Employment laws are based on Bangladesh’s constitution, legislation, administrative rules and court opinions. Contracts also commonly govern employment relationships. Our associates always strive to keep the employer and employee updated and well-informed of their obligations under the employment law and rules. We clarify the comparative understanding of changes of Bangladesh labour laws for executives and managers responsible for managing human resources, industrial relations and employee relations for ensuring appropriate application at the workplace and to avoid sanctions by the Labour court of Bangladesh. 

The service sector alone comprises of more than half of Bangladesh’s GDP. Over the past few decades the service sectors have been growing at a steady pace annually. The implementation of employment service rules in Bangladesh, especially the service sector attracts significant employment. 

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