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According to the Citizenship Act of 1951, anyone born to at least one Bangladeshi parent is automatically deemed a citizen of Bangladesh. Therefore, citizenship is generally conferred by blood. This is known as the concept of Ius Sanguinis.

As per the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary Provision) Order 1972, (as amended in 1978) 1978, it allows dual citizens with some restrictions. In furtherance, Bangladeshi-origin nationality individuals of certain countries as specified by the government may apply to the government of Bangladesh for the reacquisition of Bangladeshi citizenship without having to renounce their existing citizenship of other countries.

Currently, Bangladeshi-origin citizens of UK, USA, Australia, Canada and certain European countries may apply for a 'Dual Nationality Certificate'. The final decision lies with the Government of Bangladesh in approving the status of dual citizenship.  

Procedure for obtaining Dual Citizenship in Bangladesh

To obtain dual citizenship, a person of Bangladeshi origin must follow some prescribed procedures as per the laws of Bangladesh. Those of Bangladeshi-origin, who are citizens of other foreign countries may apply for Dual Nationality Certificate. This certificate makes it legal to possess a Bangladeshi passport in addition to a foreign passport.

Those who are qualified for a Dual Nationality Certificate may apply for the certificate with all the documents to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka. The required documents and fees may vary depending on the country from which the applicant will apply.

Furthermore, pursuant to Rules 4A or 4B of the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary Provisions) Rules, 1978, a foreign trader, businessman, or entrepreneur may apply for permanent residency in Bangladesh. 

To obtain a dual citizenship, an individual of Bangladeshi origin must follow some prescribed procedures. If a Bangladeshi national who is a foreign citizen wishes to obtain dual citizenship of Bangladesh, he or she must submit an application to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bangladesh using the prescribed form, as stated in Clause (2) of Article 2B of the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary Provisions) Order, 1972. This application for a police report is sent by the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Special Branch (SB) of the Bangladesh Police's SCO Wing.  

In Bangladesh, all citizens of Bangladesh are equal before the law and have a right to equal protection under the law, according to Article 27 of the country's constitution. Article 28 (1) forbids the State from treating citizens differently based only on their place of birth. According to Article 29, all citizens must have equal access to work opportunities, regardless of where they were born. As a result, it is evident that the Constitution holds all citizens of Bangladesh, regardless of their citizenship status—naturalized or dual—to be on an equal footing.