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Anti-Corruption Laws in Bangladesh:


The Parliament of Bangladesh has enacted the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) (Amendment) Act 2016. ACC (Amendment) Act 2016 introduced the provisions of the police investigation in relation to offences under Section 420, 467, 468, 471 and 477A.

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Employment Lawyers in Bangladesh


Employment law in Bangladesh swings on the definition of one question “Who is a labour?” Most of the conflicts that arise regarding employment usually comes down to whether the personnel in question qualifies as a labour and receive all the benefits from the employer that a labour should receive.

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EPZ Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Export Processing Zone Labour Law in Bangladesh

In order to ensure a quick economic growth, the Bangladesh government has adopted an ''Open Door Policy'' to attract foreign investment. Bangladesh wants to improve its economy through industrialisation by regulating the same via a separate Export Processing Zone (hereinafter referred to as the “EPZ”) provisions.

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RMG Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Ready Made Garments Labour Laws in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the emerging economies of the world. Ready Made Garments, hereinafter referred to as the “RMG” sector is the biggest export earner of Bangladesh. The RMG labour laws in Bangladesh are regulated by the general Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 couple with the Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015.

Adoption Law in Bangladesh

The work of a family lawyer in Bangladesh in regards to guardianship law runs on a very smooth note when there is no issue of illegality on the documents of the adopter. Among many beautiful aspects of law, guardianship principle of law shreds a sacred beauty of humanity

Why the Human Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act 2012 is an essential provision in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is considered as one of the transit points for human trafficking. Every year thousands of people are trafficked


In order to have NGO and INGO registered in Bangladesh or an entity willing to operate or receive foreign funding for the purpose of undertaking or carrying any voluntary activity shall first have to register it with the concerned authority and follow Government’s specifications. As per the laws of Bangladesh, the term “voluntary activity” can be explicated as “an activity undertaken or carried on

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Legal System in Bangladesh

Legal System of Bangladesh

The developments of recent legislations under the purview of our current legal system of Bangladesh are much influenced by different factors based on the necessities of relevant area of law; for instance, the development of family laws are much influenced by the religious rituals and societal needs; then the recent developments of the Labour Laws were

Reshaping Labour Law

By Al Amin Rahman

The Government of Bangladesh has duly introduced Labour Rules of Bangladesh (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules 2015”) through a gazette notification on 15th September 2015. In order to carry out the purposes of the Labour Act 2006 (hereinafter referred to as the “LA 2006”) the government has made the Rules 2015 in accordance

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A Small Brief on Labour Law: Must Needed


The labour market of Bangladesh is one of the major attractions for foreign investors due to cheap wage rate and availability of skilled labour. In order to safeguard the interest of the labourers, the Government has implemented several laws and regulations recently. The labour laws are governed by the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 as amended in 2010 and 2013 and Labour rules 2015. 

Once a Company is registered, or is about to get register, it is absolute that the person in-charge must know the niche of the business and comply according in a much needed legal manner to avoid challenges. For example, if a business which may have an effect on the environment must acquire related Licenses, Permits & Certificates of a Company in Bangladesh. We at FM Associates provides Company and Corporate Legal services to help acquire such Licenses.

We at FM Associates provides Company and Corporate legal services to help acquire such Licenses.

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